Interpreting Services

We use a local charity, Sussex Interpreting Services to help every Patient communicate what is important for their medical care.  For those Patients who struggle to use new technology and speak a different language and it can become very difficult to ensure the right care is delivered. 

As well as face to face interpreting SIS are now offering telephone and video interpreting options. Details of each service can be found below.  

  • FACE TO FACE INTERPRETING: We are still offering high quality face to face interpreting where the situation requires a linguist to be physically present. 
  • TELEPHONE INTERPRETING * For when the practitioner and service user are in the same room and the linguist is remotely located. 
  • TELEPHONE INTERPRETING * For when the practitioner, service user and linguist are all in separate locations. 
  • TELEPHONE Group Call This option is our most popular and allows all three parties to dial in to a group call using a room number and PIN code. When the booking is confirmed SIS will supply you with a local call rate telephone number, room number and PIN code. With this option SIS can help instruct the service user on how SIS Group Call works and for those with limited funds we can supply a Freephone (0800) number. 

If you require any of these Services please contact the Practice who will arrange the service on your behalf. 

Interpreting  Services Leaflet