Contraception & Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Advice is available to all of our Patients. As with all our Patients we respect the need for confidentiality, please feel free to consult the Doctor or Nurse, whatever your age or social situation.

Should you have any general concerns about sexually transmitted infections you can contact SHAC.  They offer both pre-bookable appointments and ‘drop in’ clinics and a Young Persons Clinic.

SHAC: Visit the website at:

Chlamydia Self-Test

We offer self-test kits for any Patients under the age of 25. You can pick up a kit from the Practice and complete the test at home. Please be assured, all results are confidential. Patients over the age of 25 can also have a Chlamydia test with the Nurse.

Sexual health

Contraceptive Pill Check

For Patients that are on the Contraceptive Pill, these appointments will take place regularly. This is to ensure you are on the right medication for your needs and to see if there are any changes since your last appointment meaning an adjustment in your prescription i.e. BMI, blood pressure or if you are experiencing any side effects. It’s preferable for these appointments to be face to face as we will need a recent reading of your height, weight and blood pressure and to discuss how you are responding to the Pill. Alternatively, this can be done over the phone if you have access to take your height, weight, and blood pressure elsewhere or at home.

Emergency Contraception

If you require Emergency Contraception, please telephone us and ask to speak to the Doctor during Surgery opening hours. This is more effective the sooner you take it so do not delay. If the Surgery is closed, then please contact our Out of Hours Service.

Alternatively, Emergency Contraception is available from Morley Street Family Planning Clinic, Practice Plus Brighton Station Health Care Centre and the Sexual Health Service times.

The Emergency Contraceptive pill is available free of charge without a prescription. You can get it from most Pharmacies, from your GP, or from the Sexual Health Clinic. This does vary as some Pharmacies do charge a fee for Emergency Contraception. 

Family Planning

We offer advice, counselling and a range of methods of Contraception including the pill, patches, ring, injection and implant which are provided by the Doctor or Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist.

Our Nurse can fit Contraceptive implants and remove Coils. If you are having a Contraception Implant for the first time, you will need to book a telephone appointment with the Nurse to discuss this.

Contraceptive Implant (30-minute appointment)

Removal of Contraception Implant (30-minute appointment)

Fittings and Implants can be fitted also at Morley Street Family Planning Clinic.  After you have seen the Doctor or Nurse at the Practice, you can self-refer to Morley Street Clinic by calling 01273 523388.


If your IUD is being removed, you will need to abstain from sexual intercourse or use a barrier method for a week before removal.

If you are having an IUD/Coil fitted, you will need to have screening swabs done before these can be fitted.  For information and advice on Contraception go to  These can be done with your chosen provider either a local Practice or Morley Street Family Planning. 

Infertility Advice

We are available to discuss and arrange appropriate tests and referrals for advice on Infertility and IVF treatment. Please book an appointment with our GP to discuss. 

Pregnancy Test

We can only offer pregnancy test before you have a procedure or for investigative reasons.

Termination of Pregnancy

MSI Reproductive Choices (MSIUK) provide Termination of Pregnancy Service in Sussex.

We are pleased to confirm that following completion of the planned refurbishment works the surgical treatment facility (at Stanford Medical Centre in Preston Road) re-opened on the 1 August 2022, providing surgical abortion to 18 weeks and 6 days.

MSI are back to operating five clinical treatment sites across the county; two sites in Brighton with further community treatment centres in Bognor Regis, Hastings and Crawley.

Patients can call our advice line on 0345 300 8090 to find out more information and discuss their options or and get in touch using the web chat service.