The Practice will ensure that employees fully understand all their responsibilities with regarding confidential data, by ensuring employees undertake Information Governance training and sign a written statement of the responsibilities they are undertaking towards the security of all data within the surgery.  Competency will be assessed as an ongoing process and as part of the appraisal process. The Practice will complete and submit the DSP Toolkit self-assessment on an annual basis.

The Practice will also ensure that arrangements are in place for the confidential disposal of any paper waste generated at work.  We use an accredited company to destroy sensitive papers.  Records are kept of the registration of the company and a log of collections and certificate of destruction. 

The Practice strictly applies the rules of confidentiality and will not release patient information to a third party (other than those involved in the direct care of a patient) without proper valid and informed consent, unless this is within the statutory exempted categories such as in the public interest, or if required by law, in which case the release of the information and the reasons for it will be individually and specifically documented and authorised by the responsible clinician.

You can be assured that anything you discuss with any member of the surgery staff, whether doctor, nurse or receptionist, will remain confidential. Even if you are under 16, nothing will be said to anyone, including parents, other family members, care workers or teachers, without your permission. The only reason why we might want to consider passing on confidential information without your permission would be to protect either you or someone else from serious harm. In this situation, we would always try to discuss this with you first.

If you would like to discuss matters of a confidential nature, either with our receptionists or a member of the team; we have a side room available in reception for this purpose.